Fans Suspect YG Entertainment Is Preparing For Something Big

Many artists were seen entering the building at the same time.

Fans are speculating that YG Entertainment is preparing for something big after pictures revealed artists entering the building at the same time, supposedly for a large company meeting.

The artists who were allegedly spotted were BLACKPINK, iKON, WINNER, and Akdong Musician, among others. It was said that iKON went straight to the YG building from the airport for this meeting, and BLACKPINK was over an hour and a half late to their fan meeting because of it.

Some fans hope that the meeting was regarding G-Dragon‘s return from the military next month. Others believe that it was about the future of the company given the scandals it faced this year.

If anything, fans agree that whatever the meeting was about, it must have been for something important seeing as how many artists were summoned at the same time.

Source: Reddit