SM Entertainment Share Acquisition

HYBE To Sell All Of Its SM Entertainment Shares, Kakao Predicted To Acquire A 35% Stake
Is this the end of the M&A feud?
SM Entertainment Confirms Partnership With Kakao — Leaps Towards SM 3.0 As Planned
SM x Kakao is confirmed.
Lee Soo Man Granted An Injunction To Ban SM Entertainment From Issuing Shares And Bonds — Here’s The Full Statement From His Law Firm
Lee Soo Man previously threatened to sue management for their decisions.
HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk Hits Back At Accusations Of Monolopizing K-Pop In A “Hostile Deal” With SM Entertainment
“A lot of misinformation is out there…”
The Korea Entertainment Producers Association Criticize SM Entertainment’s Current Management And Express Support For Lee Soo Man
They accuse Lee Sung Soo of hypocrisy, betrayal, and more.
SM Entertainment Discloses Three Major Concerns For Their Company And Artists Amid HYBE’s Takeover
The company outlines its ongoing concern with HYBE’s “hostile takeover.”
SM Artists Minimize Mentioning Agency During Acceptance Speeches Due To Recent Controversy
Fans could tell they were being cautious.
Every Key Player You Need To Know In SM Entertainment’s Ongoing Feud
There are three new players who could soon become very important.
SM Entertainment’s CEO Lee Sung Soo Calls Out HYBE For Their “Hostile M&A” That Could Monopolize The Industry
“HYBE is Lee Soo Man’s savior, not SM’s.”
SM Entertainment CEO Lee Sung Soo Pleads With Lee Soo Man To “Stop And Beg For Forgiveness” In New Video
“…this is the only way that I…can save you from the Valley of Hell.”