Spotify vs. Kakao M

Spotify and Kakao Entertainment Settle Licensing Dispute, Music To Return To Spotify Globally Including Korea
The companies have finally reached an agreement.
P NATION Re-Uploads Its Artists Songs To Spotify—But All Their Streams Are Gone
All songs distributed via Kakao M since 2019 were removed from Spotify worldwide on March 1.
Kakao M Releases Statement Regarding Their Artists Being Removed From Global Spotify
Kakao M made their statement.
Spotify Confirms Its Licensing Deal With Kakao M Has Expired, Says It Looks To “Resolve The Situation Soon”
“Despite our best efforts, the existing licensing deal…has come to an end.”
Epik High’s Management Calls For A “Solution ASAP” After Kakao M Removes Songs From Spotify
“This is heartbreaking as a manager, friend, and fan.”
K-Pop Songs Distributed By Kakao M Have Been Removed From Spotify Worldwide
The list of affected acts includes MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN, LOONA, MONSTA X, and many more.