Epik High’s Management Calls For A “Solution ASAP” After Kakao M Removes Songs From Spotify

“This is heartbreaking as a manager, friend, and fan.”

To the news of all K-Pop songs distributed by Kakao M being removed from Spotify, Epik High‘s Tablo took to Twitter and condemned businesses placing “greed over art.

Epik High’s Tablo | @blobyblo/Twitter

Eddie Nam — the founder of EN Management currently home to Epik High along with other artists like Eric Nam and KATIE — also tweeted in discontent, claiming that “music being taken down…for something [the artist] didn’t do” is unprecedented:

In a series of tweets that followed, Eddie Nam claimed that “it really really hurts to see” Epik High’s albums be inaccessible from the platform and demanded a “solution ASAP.”

Likewise, global fans of K-Pop artists affected by the said “disagreement between Kakao M and Spotify” are flooding Twitter with disappointment to find the albums and songs entirely gone from their playlists. “Kakao M” continues to trend on Twitter, as more Spotify users who are also K-Pop fans come to express their deepest concerns on the issue.

The overall frustration grows as some affected artists, like CODE KUNST, seemingly did not know about Kakao M’s decision as a distributor. One fan pointed out, “[Some artists] are basically finding out from stan accounts” that their works have become unavailable on Spotify.

Neither Kakao M nor Spotify is yet to release any statements on the issue, though considering the amount of backlash and uproar that the decision has caused online among their immediate users — an explanation could be in the making. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Spotify vs. Kakao M

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