10+ Candid Photos Capture Cha Eunwoo’s Unbelievable Real-life Visuals

Check out these photos of Eunwoo’s insanely handsome looks!

ASTRO‘s Eunwoo has been gaining more and more attention from fans for his insane good looks. Here are some photos that show why he’s so popular with the ladies!


Even at an ordinary cafe, his height and small face make him stand out.


He definitely doesn’t look like any ordinary person…


Fans have mentioned that he has a perfectly symmetrical face.


And that whether it be by men or women, his face is not one to go unnoticed.


You can tell in all of his pictures that his face is exceptionally small!

And his perfect skin adds to his angelic aurora.


This angelic quality grows even stronger on stage.


Fans have emphasized that he couldn’t possibly be human.


That he is probably a god, angel or something of the like.


Not only his face, but his height, build and proportions really give him the perfect visuals.


Even celebrities have made comments on how good looking he is in person when he appeared on variety shows.


Notice how he’s surrounded by only girls. Now, those are some lucky ladies!

Source: Pann Choa
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