These 11 Idols prove hairstyles is the most important part of your visual

Hairstyles are one of the most defining features for idols, but sometimes stylists go too far with experimental looks. 

When it comes to being an idol, everything from head to toe must look perfect. A very big aspect of creating this image is an idol’s hair. While often times stylists will help idols look absolutely beautiful with their unique ideas, there are other times where experimenting go completely wrong. Here are 11 idols who demonstrate that hair really does play an importance in image.

1. Girl’s Generation‘s Hyoyeon

One of the female idols with a history of horrendous hairstyles is Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon. The color, the styling, and especially the puffy bangs during the group’s promotion of “Oh!” did not complement her face well.
Hyoyeon - Girls' Generation
Thankfully it appears that after various rounds of experimentation on hair colors, Hyoyeon has been able to find the perfect shade that compliments her the best.

2. EXO‘s D.O

An idol that is currently going through an interesting haircut is EXO’s D.O who has shaved off all his hair and gone for a more Spock-esque look.
However, fans have expressed their longing for his long hair to grow back quickly.

3.  NCT‘s Mark

NCT’s Mark has rocked a lot of hairstyles in a year, but this look takes the cake for the worst style. This hairstyle has worried fans as the hair damage can clearly be seen.
NCT's Mark / SM Entertainment
It would be nice to see Mark back to his natural and healthy hair.

4. B1A4‘s CNU

Despite how iconic CNU’s hairstyle was, it didn’t take away the fact that he looked like he belonged back in the 2000’s with his long hair.
Image: Naver Music
Thankfully, the 2000’s look is gone and replaced by a smoldering CNU.

5.  SHINee‘s Jonghyun

SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” era was quite wild for Jonghyun and his “lasagna” hair. The tri-color ombre hairdo gave Jonghyun the rebellious punk look.
However, Jonghyun’s hair has now matured to a less crazier look of just a light brow, with black undertone.

6. VIXX‘s Hongbin

Hongbin before haircut/ Instiz
At the beginning of his career, VIXX’s Hongbin had long hair. Though it was a charming look, it didn’t highlight his handsome features as much.
With his shorter hair, Hongbin now has a sharper more masculine look to him.

7. EXO‘s KAI

Another idol who has fallen victim of reoccurring bad hairstyles, is EXO’s Kai. One of his worst looks is from his former “Wolf” days.
Nowadays, he has much better hairstyles that accentuate his distinct facial features.

8. miss A‘s Fei

Known for her beautiful face, miss A’s Fei attempted to go for a more drastic look for her solo debut. However, the orange/red hair combination did not flatter her at all.
She definitely looks better as a brunette or with more natural colors.

9. SHINee‘s Key

In 2010 SHINee’s Key shook the K-pop scene with his eccentric half-shaved hairstyle that gave him a fierce look.
Key - SHINee
He now has a full-head of hair and still looks just as handsome as he did almost 7 years ago.

10. BTS‘s Rap Monster

When he first made his debut, BTS’s Rap Monster had one of the most unique hairstyles, with a curly mohawk that has two different hair colors. Though it was a look, it wasn’t a look that flattered him much.
He definitely looks a lot better without the mohawk towering over him.

11. Block B‘s Zico

One of the most bizzare hairstyles that Block B’s Zico has ever had, would have to be the half-mohawk, half-dreadlocks look that he sported during the group’s “Nillili Mambo” era.
He definitely looks better and more wholesome without all the ruckus on his head.


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