10 Reasons Why It Will Be Hard For Another Celebrity Like Suzy To Enter The Entertainment Industry

She’s one of a kind.

Singer and actress Suzy is a rare case to be found in the Korean entertainment industry in that she rose to fame and swept all the awards in such a short amount of time. She debuted in the group Miss A under JYP Entertainment before leaving to become an actress. Let’s take a look at why it will be hard to find another celebrity like Suzy in this industry.

1. She debuted with miss A after training for just five months.

2. Right after the group’s debut, she became the center of attention for her visuals.

3. Their debut song ranked first for the yearly chart.

4. They took home both the rookie award and the daesang the same year they made their debut.

5. The drama that she debuted in ranked first for the same-time viewer ratings.

6. That same year, she took home the rookie actor award.

7. Her debut film also garnered the largest audience ever recorded for a melodrama.

8. This then led to her receiving the rookie award at the Baeksang Awards.

9. Suzy appearing on season two of “Invincible Youth” was the icing to the cake for her career.

10. Afterwards, she received the rookie award at the Entertainment Awards

So basically, she was able to take home all the rookie awards in the singer, drama, movie, and entertainment categories. The most shocking part about this is that she was able to achieve all this just two years after her debut. We don’t know when another star like Suzy will arise in the future but we would sure like to see another one!