10 Reasons Why Seungri Should Be The Next CEO of YG Entertainment

Mr. Strong Baby of YG!

Seungri started from humble beginnings before earning his fame as a member of BIGBANG. He’s already managed to earn a few important friends in the industry and even moved on to run his own businesses. So why shouldn’t he be the next CEO of YG Entertainment?


He’s a versatile artist! From learning how to create his own tracks and concept, even learning how to DJ. 

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Like Yang Hyun Suk, he owns and manages multiple businesses including Aori Ramen, Natural High Records, luxury nightclubs and, previously, Plug In Music Academy. In fact, it was these similarities with his own CEO that made everyone think that he’s set in the same footsteps. 

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He’s a ruthless critic. His Mix Nine appearance revealed a different side of himself with his harsh but often constructive comments that proved he strived for perfection.


Seungri has a wide network of friends in the idol industry. 

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As well as the foreign entertainment industries!

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Here he is spotting hanging out with Martin Garrix!


He’s been dubbed as a “caring CEO.” Making sure all the DJs under his label are well promoted.


He’s a smooth talker and is fluent several languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese. 


He’s definitely one of the best businessmen in the K-Pop industry. Yang Hyun Suk even trusts him to the fullest as they recently partnered up to create a new academy for idol-hopefuls!

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Business and criticisms aside, Seungri is a professional, candid and true when on stage, and fans love him for it!

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