10 Times BTS’s Jungkook Ignored His Members Just Because He Can

When you’re the youngest, the rules don’t apply to you.

As the youngest member of BTSJungkook can get away with anything…and he knows it. Here are 10 times he playfully ignored his members just because he can!

1. When Suga tried to take candy from a baby

Suga tried to convince Jungkook not to eat a sugary snack. Jungkook said, “You’re not the boss of me,” without saying a word.

2. When “DNA” stood for “Does Not Answer”

Jimin tried to get Jungkook’s attention to point out the special effects in the “DNA” MV, but Jungkook just wasn’t interested in listening. He was 100% focused on the video!

3. That time his mission was too successful

The staff gave Jungkook a mission to carry out in secret: ignoring V. “He always ignores me,” V said when Jungkook fessed up. “So I didn’t notice.” 

4. Look, look!

There’s just no point in trying to get Jungkook’s attention when a video is playing. Like Jimin, poor V tried…and failed.

5. I’ll text you never

During an interview with People, BTS were asked to name the member who always forgets to text back. That member is Jungkook. “Why don’t you text us?” RM asked. “I don’t have to,” Jungkook said. Ouch!

6. That time RM became invisible

Jungkook looks up to RM, except when he’s not looking at him at all. One time, Jungkook was so focused on watching Jimin draw that RM became invisible to him.

He ignored RM’s handshake not once…

…but twice!

7. Get out of my shot, hyung

Jungkook has a well-documented history of interrupting Jin’s selfies, but he refused to let Jin crash his. Go figure.

8. The time V practically begged him to look at Yeontan’s haircut

V wanted Jungkook and Jin to check out his dog’s new ‘do, but neither one commented on the photo. Thankfully, thousands of ARMYs did!

9. Every time he ignored Suga’s calls

Once time, Suga couldn’t get a hold of Jungkook by phone. Was he too busy to answer? Yes and no. According to V, Jungkook was playing video games!

10. “Don’t make me raise my voice.”

The Golden Maknae refused to come when Jin called him. Why? Because he can.