10 Times “Chicago Hot Guy” NCT’s Johnny Slayed The Airport Fashion Game

He serves all the time.

Life is a runway, or so it seems for the six foot tall giant puppy of NCT. NCT’s Johnny, known for his long trainee period, performance skills, bright personality and of course, his physique that can rival any model’s, it is no wonder fans call him “Chicago Hot Guy”. Here are 10 moments he totally turned the tarmac into his stage!

1. When he wore this gray fleece zip-up.

Together with his fluffy brown hair and casual sling bag, Johnny looks comfortable but stylish. We love the pop of color with the orange tee as well.

2. When he wore glasses with a white button down.

We don’t know where to look – how cute he looks with glasses, or how shirts look so good on him! The formal white button down is a dream for many Johfams out there, we’re sure of it.

3. Chic and effortless in black.

We love Johnny in dark hair and black casual clothes! Back before AirPods were a thing and we all had to stick it out with wire earphones, Johnny manages to make them look state-of-the-art, even today.

4. Denim jacket, hoop earrings and a printed shirt.

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any hotter, he pairs a light-wash denim jacket with a tucked in tee and the cherry on top – hoop earrings.

5. Winter may be cold, but Johnny is hot af.

With a leather mustang and a neutral tones turtleneck, Johnny not only keeps the winter frost at bay, but he brings the heat to the room.

6. Preppy prince.

We’re honestly not sure which side of Johnny we like more at this point – chic and cold city man, or warm and fluffy puppy. Regardless, we’re sure that the winter season was practically made for the man. He manages to rock a collared shirt under a sweater, as well as a brown coat. Professor Suh, anyone?

7. Goblin-esque fashion.

His outfit that day reminded a little of Gong Yoo‘s trademark coat and turtleneck combination as seen in hit drama “Goblin“. We’re hoping that if we blow out a candle, he might appear in front of us as well.

8. 2017’s Emo-Punk Johnny.

During their promotions for “Cherry Bomb“, Johnny’s look was significantly more melancholic, with pitch black hair and strong eyebrows. He pulls of the floppy, emo fringe perfectly, complete with a two-toned flannel and white tee.

9. Rocking the simplest of outfits.

Johnny proves that maybe sometimes, it’s not the outfit but the person. His slightly curled hair and long lashes make him look just a little more delicate, contrasting with the faded vintage tee and ripped jeans.

10. Smoulder. Even when you’re in sweats.

Johnny went for absolute comfort that day, in tracksuit pants and a comfortable black polo tee. His face however, told a different story, with a sharp gaze that could pierce your soul.

We absolutely can’t wait to see more of the fashionista both on and off stage! In the meantime, if you’re missing him just a little bit more today as NCT 127 moves into their rest period after concluding their promotions for “Punch“, check out his vlog series on the NCT Daily Youtube Channel, “Johnny’s Communication Centre“!