11 of I.O.I’s Most Memorable Outfits That Show Why They’ll Never Be Forgotten

Take a look back with us on some of I.O.I’s most beautiful and iconic outfits and styles during their promotions!

I.O.I captured the hearts of the K-Pop community with their upbeat songs, adorable visuals, and loveable personalities. They also wowed fans with awesome outfits and gorgeous looks.

Take a look at some of the incredible styles I.O.I became iconic for wearing!

The School Girl Yellow Vest and Skirt

Yeonjung modeled the schoolgirl vests and short, bright skirts that were a trademark of I.O.I’s  “Dream Girls” era.

The Delicate and Alluring Rose Look

Jieqiong demonstrates that being sexy isn’t limited to the stage—clad in a cutout top and flowers that match her red lips, this look couldn’t help but gain popularity.

This Ab-solutley Gorgeous Crop Top

I.O.I proved that strong is sexy too—just look at Sejeong’s toned abs!

Fierce Captain Dress

Somi displays the innate power of I.O.I’s “Whatta Man” era, donning the attire of a captain!

The Pretty Suspenders and Plaid Outfit

I.O.I proved that they can do cute supremely well. Sohye rocked this girl-scout look!

The 90s Blue and Yellow Uniform

It’s hard to believe that I.O.I can switch concepts with such ease. Chungha bares some skin, and instead of being self-conscious, she takes it in stride and smolders.

Suspenders, Ties, and Wedge Tennis Shoes

Coordination is key for a group with eleven members. Nayoung’s outfit matches the group’s stage presence perfectly: sexy, cute, and everything in between.

Varsity T-Shirt and Pigtails

Notice how versatile I.O.I’s outfits can be for the same song. Here’s Mina mid-dance during “Whatta Man,” wearing a crisp, clean outfit that inspires perfection.

Open Shoulder Ruffle Shirt

Chaeyeon glows on stage, and her beauty is only highlighted by her starkly contrasting clothing; she’s an angel in black.

These Punky Fishnets

Doyeon’s fishnet stockings are ready to reel you in. Are you ready?

This Adorable Patchwork Combo

Can you see her trendy makeup look?

Yoojung proves that she can pull off any look in this patchwork print piece.

BONUS: Sexy Leather Ensemble

Who could ever forget the two-piece leather concept from the “Whatta Man” promotions?

I.O.I truly left their mark, and they are missed!

Re-live I.O.I’s incredible time together by checking out their performance of “Whatta Man” below!