I.O.I Beats Suzy On Inkigayo For Their Last Ever Victory On Inkigayo

The January 29 episode was canceled due to celebration of the Lunar New Year, but Inkigayo still awarded a winner.

Inkigayo posted the song rankings for the past week on their website on January 31 and it was revealed that I.O.I‘s goodbye single “Downpour” won first place, beating out Suzy‘s “Pretend” and 2NE1‘s “Goodbye”.

This is an impressive feat as I.O.I did not promote their single at all and were still able to close out their group lifespan with another music show win.

Score breakdown of January 29th’s Inkigayo rankings.

Downpour” was written and produced by SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi and Brand New Music‘s Won Young-Heon, Neighborhood Hyung, and Yamart. The group performed the song at their Timeslip-I.O.I concert amidst a flood of tears from each member.

While I.O.I may be over, the members have expressed their wishes to reunite in 5 years time. Unfortunately, their official fan club will be shut down, but each of the members already have future activities planned.

Source: Star News

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