Kim Sejeong Promises I.O.I Will Reunite In 5 Years

Just because the project came to an end, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be the last time we hear from I.O.I.

Recently, I.O.I had their very last concert as they gave their last farewells to all their fans. As Mnet‘s Produce 101’s girl group project came to an end, all the members returned to their respective companies. Although it was announced that their concert would be their last scheduled activity together, it was revealed that the I.O.I members filmed one last CF (commercial) afterward.

MBC‘s Section TV visited the CF shooting to interview the girls. Towards the end of the interview, the I.O.I members shared their thoughts and feelings about their disbandment.

“I wish we could get back together after 5 years. If there are still people who are calling for us we want to get together in 5 years. Just like Sechs Kies. I know it’s hard but I hope there will be people looking for us. Please call for us we will be there.”

– Kim Sejeong

The other members nodded in agreement and clasped their hands together as they pleaded for fans to wait and call for them in the future.

As the CF was their official final activity together, the members tried to smile and enjoy their last moments together. However, Yoojung was unable to hold her tears back and burst into tears after the filming for the CF was over. It was revealed that all the other members cried as well.

Although it may be a while until we see these girls together perform as a group once again, let’s support each member in their own separate activities.

Please wait for the day all the I.O.I members promote together again!

Check out the full video below!