11 Reactions To Being Surprised With BTS Tickets We Can All Relate To

These eleven people’s reactions to being surprised with BTS concert tickets are absolutely adorable and completely relatable.

It’s no secret that purchasing tickets can end in heartbreak, especially when it comes to BTS‘s concerts. The entire Wings Tour sold out instantly, and second nights had to be added to the line up for several cities, yet still, not everyone was able to purchase tickets.

Fortunately, these fans were lucky enough to be surprised with BTS concert tickets from their loved ones, and they were completely blown away upon seeing the gifts.

This fan immediately broke out into tears.

No matter how far it was, her parents made the sacrifice.

They couldn’t hold back their tears! What a great surprise.

They look truly happy with the tickets.

She was ecstatic! This will totally be a good memory.

That’s the expression of someone who’s blown away.

This reaction is seriously adorable! She jumped for joy.

This girlfriend is really supportive of his love for BTS.

Being surprised with BTS tickets is seriously goals.

He is so adorable! He can’t hide how happy he is.