15 of the Funniest and Most Commonly Misheard Lyrics In All of K-Pop

Have you ever been listening to a K-Pop song and thought, ‘wait, did they just say that?’ Chances are they didn’t and you just misheard them, but that can make for some pretty funny misunderstandings! The following are 15 commonly and/or hilariously misheard lyrics from K-Pop songs followed by the correct lyrics. (Be warned, you may never hear them the same again!)

1. BTS — “Baepsae”

2. TWICE — “Cheer Up”


3. EXO — “MAMA”

4. BIGBANG — “Bae Bae”

5. Super Junior — “Spy”

6. EXO — “Monster”

7. I.O.I — “Dream Girls”


8. GOT7 — “Hard Carry”

9. NCT U — “The 7th Sense”

10. SHINee — “Why So Serious?”

11. Girls’ Generation — “I Got A Boy”

12. 2NE1 — “I Love You”


13. Girls’ Generation — “Flower Power”

14. B.A.P — “Warrior”

15. BTS — “No More Dream”


BTS — “Blood Sweat & Tears”It may come as a surprise to many, but BTS isn’t singing about “money” in the chorus.