15-Year-Old Being Treated For Brain Tumor Gets The Wish Of A Lifetime Granted Thanks To TWICE

All the best wishes that he heals quickly!

Oh Seung-hwan, a 15-year-old boy, has been struggling with something most kids his age never even think about. Last June, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and had to start undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments because of it.

Many people going through such a hardship try to find something to rely on to give them strength during such difficult situations, and Seung-hwan found his strength through TWICE‘s songs. He dreamed of having a computer so that he could see the members themselves, and miraculously, JYP Entertainment got news of his wish.

On April 23, it was announced that, through the Make A Wish Foundation, the company provided Seung-hwan with a computer so that he could fulfill his dream. And to make things even better, the computer had a special gift — a video of TWICE’s members giving him a personalized message to give him strength.

“We heard that you listen to our songs to gain strength during treatments. Thank you for bravely fighting this despite it being very painful and exhausting. We will always be a TWICE that cheers on Seung-hwan’s awesome dreams,” the message said. Dahyun, his favorite member, added on, “I’m so happy that we could at least meet through video chat. I hope you proceed with treatments well and keep fighting this bravely. I would love to meet you at our concert in the future, if the chance arises.”

Seung-hwan was incredibly grateful for the thoughtful gift. “I was moved to tears without even realizing as I watched the video. I gained strength during chemotherapy and radiation treatment by listening to TWICE songs. Thank you for cheering me on and offering to meet me at your concert. I really wish I can go to your concert personally and meet you.”

Hopefully Seung-hwan can soon be healed from his ailments and really meet TWICE in the near future!