The 17-Year Old Idol Who Was Caught With A Male Fan In Her Hotel Room

She accepted his invitation.

A 17-year old idol was caught in a hotel room with a male fan of hers.

In March of 2013, a Japanese trainee signed a contract with her management company. She joined an unnamed six-member girl group who held their first public performance four months after.

Though they were not a famous group, they followed a standard idol contract which included a ban on relationships. Part of this was a clause that prohibited the members from being in contact with the opposite sex for romantic or sexual purposes.

The idol, however, took a chance and attempted to sneak behind her agency’s back. She accepted the invitation of a male fan to come with him to his hotel room, something the company somehow found out about.

They filed a lawsuit seeking damages for breach of contract. The idol’s lawyers defended her by stating that being in a relationship did not stop her from carrying out her duties as a singer.

Refraining from such relationships is not an absolutely essential part of being an idol.

— J-Pop Idol

On September 18, 2015, Tokyo District Court Judge Akimoto Kojima ruled in favor of the company. He stated that “being discovered to be in a relationship worsened her image as an idol,” and thus affected the sales of the agency.

In order to secure the financial support of male fans, a clause prohibiting relationships was necessary.

— Judge

The J-Pop idol was ordered her to pay damages of 650,000 yen ($4,500 USD) to cover the stage costumes she wore to performances and the music and dance lessons she received as a trainee.

Japanese teens being taught how to dance | Chunichi Simbun

This is not the first time an idol agency tried to sue their artist for being in a relationship. Read more about it below.

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Source: Sora News 24

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