“18 Again” Lee Do Hyun Hilariously Reveals How Male Actors Have To Actually Create Arm Veins For Close-Ups

He had to go from 0 to 100 real quick.

If you’re an avid watcher of 18 Again, you might remember this comical yet sweet scene where Aerin (played by Lee Mi Do) slips dramatically in the lobby. Of course, she is saved by our hero, Wooyoung (played by Lee Do Hyun).

In a behind-the-scenes clip, Lee Do Hyun hilariously revealed a trade secret of the drama industry!

First, a look at how dramas film falling scenes! The actor is propped up on a chair for close-ups, and staff is stationed to help hold them up.

When the director noticed that just one thing was lacking, he decided to take it into his own hands. Lee Do Hyun, however perfect he is, was missing the quintessential, heart-fluttering veins running down a guy’s arm.

The staff started gathering to help by squeezing his arm tight. In order to create veins in the hand, one has to block off circulation in the upper arm.

They finally created it through the use of a rubber band on his arm, hidden from view by his hoodie. Once the veins were created, Lee Do Hyun proudly showed them off to the camera, declaring he was a manly man!

Even right before the scene was shot, he kept pumping his fist to make the veins more obvious. A dedicated actor indeed.

The final result was a great close-up shot, including his ahem, manly veins.

The difference is quite stark, with and without the extra help!

Catch the adorable behind-the-scenes clip below! You can tune in to 18 Again every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30pm KST.