19-Year-Old Student Tragically Dies After Helping An Elderly Grandmother Push A Cart Uphill

Rest in peace.

This is the heartbreaking story about a good deed that ended in misfortune.

Kim Sun Woong | News1

A 19-year-old student named Kim Sun Woong was walking home after finishing up his late night shift at his part-time job. During his walk home, he happened to run into an elderly grandmother. He noticed that she was pulling a heavy cart uphill on her own so the kindhearted Kim Sun Woong offered his help immediately.

CCTV footage of Kim Sun Woong (right) helping an elderly grandmother | MBN

This is where the otherwise heartwarming story takes a turn. While the two were walking across a crosswalk, Kim Sun Woong was tragically hit by a car. He was declared braindead after the accident and his father made the difficult choice to take him off of life support. Kim Sun Woong continued with his good deeds even after death, as it was also reported that he saved 7 people’s lives due to his organ donation.

Kim Sun Woong’s funeral | MBN

After his death, Kim Sun Woong’s older sister sat down for an interview where she revealed that the 19-year-old student was working part-time to relieve financial stress from his father. It was also belatedly shared that the student wanted to follow his father’s footsteps as a restaurant owner and learn how to cook one day.

Kim Sun Woong at his part-time job | MBN

While the tragic accident happened back in 2018, the video of Kim Sun Woong’s last moments is making headlines in current day due to his angelic deeds. Our deepest condolences to Kim Sun Woong and his family.

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