1TYM’s Danny Im Speaks Out About BLACKPINK Lisa’s First Impressions At Her Audition In Thailand

Her incredible first impressions were spot on to this day.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the dance machine of the group–and she’s come a long way from her auditions for YG Entertainment back in 2010.

In 2010, Lisa was the only candidate to pass the YG Entertainment auditions in Thailand, her home country. Soon, she signed as a trainee with YG Entertainment in April 2011.

Now, 1YTM‘s Danny Im has revealed what Lisa was really like during her audition back then.

The open auditions in Thailand had attracted a whole host of talent, from native Thais to Koreans living in Thailand. However, Danny highlighted that Lisa stood out from the competition.

She had this quality, she was very calm, very confident, too. I remember that she jumped off the stage, and got in my face. I was like, “Wow! She has the confidence to do that!”.

— Danny Im

Danny then went on to talk about how different Lisa was off-stage, as compared to on-stage.

We talked to her afterwards, and you know–she was a totally different person off-stage! She was really humble.

— Danny Im

Danny rounded off the anecdote by recounting how he had to go back to Thailand and get the approval of Lisa’s parents.

[Her parents] knew that [Lisa] had a passion in wanting to do this, you know, it was really legit and real.

— Danny Im

You can watch the full interview with Danny Im down below (Danny starts talking about Lisa at 55:00).