2 More Olympians Discovered To Be Massive BTS Fans

The K-Pop wave strikes again!

It seems more and more Olympians are expressing their love of the Olympic host country’s music. Among the groups that are popular is BTS. South Korean speed-skater, Lee Yubin, loves to listen to the group before performing to relieve stress and Russian figure skater, Evgenia Medvedeva, has also been known to groove to their music.


Recently, two new Olympians have been discovered to be major fans of BTS, the Shib Sibs!

The “Shib Sibs” are multi-medalist, ice-dancing siblings Alex and Maia Shibutani who compete under the American flag in worldwide competitions including the Olympics.


The two recently posted an adorable picture of themselves holding Olympic hats with each BTS member’s name embroidered into the personalized beanies. The siblings are reaching out for help to deliver the surprise to BTS. So far twitter users have shared a few different ways that may help get their gifts to the boys.


Hopefully these cute hats will make it to BTS (and maybe we can look forward to pictures of the members wearing their hats)!

Source: Billboard

2018 Korea Winter Olympics

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