20+ Stunning Photos That Reveal How Much MAMAMOO’s Wheein Has Amazingly Evolved Over The Years, From Debut Until Now

Wheein’s visuals for 2019 became viral, and she honestly deserved it.

MooMoos used to call MAMAMOO‘s Wheein as “WheePup” because of her cute, adorable charms that remind you of a hyperactive puppy who’s always there to cheer you up: her lovable dimples and precious laughter make her deserve this nickname.

As years went by, though, MooMoos began to see Wheein’s amazing evolution from a cute, quirky, lovable star to a sexy, confident and powerful performer who’s equally lovable.

Here is how Wheein evolved, as seen through photos:


MAMAMOO first debuted back in June 19, 2014 with their single, “Mr. Ambiguous”.


The members were told by their CEO to refrain from cutting their hair too much, since he wanted them to debut with long hair. Aside from Hwasa who chose to follow her own rules, all the members agreed.

“Piano Man”

For this song, MAMAMOO members wore gold outfits with big, buckle belts on them. Wheein’s hair got longer, but her cheery eyes and squishy cheeks remained the same.


“Ahh Oop!”

Wheein’s facial features became more defined as she started to sport a curlier hair to complete her look.

“Um Oh Ah Yeh”

Her loose curls give Wheein an aura of sexiness, which is complemented by her dimples for a much more balanced style.


“You’re the Best”

On their second year of promotions, MooMoos start to realize Wheein’s evolution as she wore crop tops during their performance of their song “You’re the Best”. During this year, Wheein also chose to straighten her light-brown hair to give her a more mature vibe.

“New York”


Wheein’s powerful aura really came through when she dyed her hair black and got bangs to frame her face. #fierce

How can someone who looks so intimidating look so fluffy at the same time?


“Yes I Am”

Wheein’s curls came back, but they’re looser and a little bit lighter in this comeback, so she looks like a seductive songstress.


“Paint me”

MooMoos were shocked at how Wheein rocked this bob — it’s ironic, but her shortest hair managed to bring out her feminine features the most.

“Starry Night”

And of course, who could forget this iconic look when Wheein dyed her hair blonde?

It was like staring at the goddess of beauty — that’s how mystical she looked like.


Since Wheein’s facial structure can pull off any look, she went back to sporting bangs for this comeback. This time, her hair sported a dark red color and she instantly set the stage on fire whenever she performed.



Perhaps Wheein decided to give MooMoos a break — for this comeback, she sported a chic hairstyle which could either be extremely cute or sexy, depending on how you style it.


For this look, Wheein trended as the “blue hair girl” in Korea. As Wheein dyed her hair a bright electric blue for their “HIP” comeback, millions of MooMoos were amazed at how brilliantly she pulled it off.

This color successfully emphasized her milky, white skin and enhanced her already mesmerizing visuals.

All throughout the years, Wheein blossomed from a tiny seed into a gorgeous flower with overwhelming beauty. MooMoos can’t wait for the next few years to come!

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