Fans Are Poking Fun At The 2018 Asian Artist Awards In The Best Way Possible

New memes have been born!

For many fans, it’s a moment of pure joy and excitement seeing their faves up on stage receiving an award and getting recognized for all their hard work. While this is the normal reaction by every fan from every fandom, the most recent awards show has been feeling the love in a completely different way.


By now everyone knows that the 2018 Asia Artist Awards (2018 AAA) was recently held and blew everyone away with some with some stunning red carpet looks…

Sunmi Shocks Everyone With Extremely Revealing Dress For 2018 AAA


Amazing performances…

And a lot of awards!

Here Are All The Winners From the 2018 Asia Artist Awards


But that’s precisely why fans have taken to the internet to poke fun at the show. Because it wasn’t just a lot of awards. The 2018 AAA‘s boasted 40 different categories and multiple awards in most of them.

While there were some fans who were upset about some aspects of the show including all the awards…


There were many others who decided to poke a little fun at the sheer amount of awards handed out by awarding some of their own! These new honors ranged from things that sounded like they could be legitimate awards…

To the incredibly fun ones (and yet still believable as awards)!

hottest man



Some were a little bit more savage towards the show…

But all of them were absolutely hilarious!

Even IU got in on the action!


And even though many fans were poking fun at all the awards given out over the course of the night, everyone couldn’t help but agree that all the awards were well deserved.

. . .