2019 CARATs Thank 2016 CARATs For Choosing Beautiful Fandom Name

Both CARATs and SEVENTEEN are thankful!

SEVENTEEN‘s fans, known as CARATs, look back on all the possible names they could’ve been called and are thankful to 2016 CARATs for choosing the current fandom name.

Other possible fandom names CARATs could have had include, “Tinvely,” which is supposed to be a combination of the word “SEVENTEEN” and “lovely.” Other possible fandom names include “SAME,” “WISH,” “WENNIE,” and “TINKER BELL.”

SEVENTEEN’s fans, now referred to as CARATs, were given the chance to vote on the fandom name they wanted to have back in 2016.

“CARATs” won by a landslide of votes, and present CARATs are immensely thankful to CARATs from 2016 for doing so well in choosing a fandom name! Everyone seems to be liking the fandom name and the fans themselves love to be called such a pretty name!

CARATs who have slipped in the diamond life after the voting period remain thankful and continue to express their gratitude to CARATs who voted for the beautiful fandom name they’re now known known as.

“CARAT” has always been a meaningful word to the fandom as the boys from SEVENTEEN are represented as diamonds, and being CARATs, they make SEVENTEEN shine.

Even SEVENTEEN themselves have expressed their happiness and relief that CARATs are called “CARATs,” and not one of the names on the poll fans voted on in a live broadcast they once had!

Hoshi even shared that there was a time when he wanted “Mounteen” to be the fandom’s name, but now is thankful that they decided to go with “CARAT.”

CARATs just make a joke about all the fandom names they could’ve been called now! One thing’s for sure, though, is that no matter what fandom name CARATs have, they’ll always be supporting and loving SEVENTEEN!

Source: Twitter