2AM Seulong reveals IU is the most attractive woman he’s performed with

2AM‘s Seulong showed his love for close friend and duet partner IU, singing his praises in a recent interview.

During an interview on talk show Video Star, Seulong discussed IU and what has made her one of the most popular singers in Korea. Although he’s worked with many beautiful and talented singers in the past, including Red Velvet‘s Joy and AOA‘s Jimin, he voiced his special appreciation for IU.

“IU has a certain power that lets her steal men’s hearts. She is the most attractive woman I’ve ever performed a duet with. She knows how to win the heart of the public.”

Seulong and IU’s duet, “Nagging,” was released back in 2010 and was met with astounding success. The song helped launch IU into mainstream success, and also made Seulong one of the top duet singers in K-pop. Since then, the two have continued to show support for each other. IU even appeared as a guest at Seulong’s solo concert earlier this month.

Watch the full music video for Seulong and IU’s hit song “Nagging” below.

Source: Dispatch