The Heartbreaking Reason 2NE1 Cried Right After Their “Coachella” Performance

Fans weren’t the only ones shedding tears.

Fans weren’t the only ones crying from 2NE1‘s unexpected reunion on the Coachella stage. Through an episode of Radio Star, Sandara Park (also known as Dara) revealed why the group also cried after leaving the stage.

Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

After learning that 2NE1 spent their late nights secretly practicing at Minzy‘s dance academy for their Coachella performance, the Radio Star cast was saddened by all their hard work going towards a single stage. Sandara Park confirmed they’d also been sad and “bawled afterward.

Between the audience’s cheers and the feeling of being reunited, 2NE1 didn’t want to let that feeling slip through their fingers again. Sandara Park said, “We didn’t want to say goodbye.

Although it was a rare moment where everything fell into place for 2NE1 to reunite, at least they were able to wipe each other’s tears and cherish the memory together.

2NE1 at “Coachella.” | @daraxxi/Instagram

Whenever the legendary group decides to reunite again, they’ll always have each other and loyal Blackjacks by their side.