Here’s The Hilarious Story Behind 2PM’s Most Legendary Meme, According To Junho

This is one meme that will never be forgotten 😂

2PM has no shortage of memes, but there’s one that will never die. It’s none other than their performance of “I’ll Be Back” at the MBC Korea Music Festival!

2PM’s Chansung performing “I’ll Be Back” | MBC

In Episode 744 of Radio Star, 2PM’s Junho shared the story behind it. He revealed that they wouldn’t have guessed that it would blow up. “We never thought it would become such a popular meme,” he admitted.

Moreover, contrary to Nichkhun and Chansung, his stage outfit was more conservative.

He simply wanted to try something different.

Back then, I always wanted to do things a bit differently, so I covered up my body. Our outfits had the same theme.

— Junho

The song they were performing was the iconic “I’ll Be Back,” which Junho described as “experimental.” Even though the lyrics were sad, the choreography was exciting.

Another reason why “I’ll Be Back” was unique is because they wore edible gold on their lips, which other idols weren’t doing at that time. They were trendsetters!

The title is ‘I’ll Be Back.’ We experimented with music back then. Even though it was a sad song, we added the shuffle dance. We had edible gold on our lips. We had shiny lips.

— Junho

Junho even shared a hilarious story that happened during the performance. Usually, female fans are the ones who go crazy over them. That time, however, it was the male audience who cheered loudly for them while the female fans were quiet.

The reason? They appreciated 2PM’s physique!

So many fans sit in the front row at MBC Korea Music Festival. We took the stage like robots. Female fans didn’t react at all. At the end of the performance, we went, ‘I’ll be back…‘ Our bodies became visible. Men were sitting in the front row.

— Junho

Source: YouTube