YouTube Is Mass Producing Thirsty 2PM Stans With This Video On Everyone’s Recommended List

The video from 2015 is going viral all over again.

How exactly does YouTube’s recommendations work? We’ll never know. But, more often than not, its mysterious “algorithm” leads us to a whole new world. For example, YouTube has been suggesting 2PM‘s “My House” performance on Music Bank from June 2015 to these K-Pop lovers…


… and turning them into very thirsty 2PM stans! The group’s 5th album main track “My House” was released in 2015 — but the MV and the Music Bank footage continue to receive affectionate comments in 2020. These new fans are helplessly falling in love with the “mature sexy” vibe they get from the members…

  • “The unknown sorcery that is YouTube’s algorithm has led me here… and I’m okay with this.”
  • “You canNOT sing let’s go to my house this whole time, then go off and enlist in the military…!”
  • “At the age of eighteen, I have finally understood what it means to be grown-up kind of sexy.”
  • “Dang you, YouTube algorithm… Good work… Very good work…”


… especially Junho‘s. He even has his own compilation video that captures his grown-up kind of sexy.

Drop me that address, Junho. This is kind of an emergency.

— YouTube ID @이쥬


As more K-Pop fans come to peep at the “original beast-dols” of K-Pop, the official music video has reached 40 million views. Loyal 2PM fans also celebrate the song becoming a viral sensation 5 years since release — and all together, the old and the new fans are dying for one thing and one thing only: A comeback!


That is to say, 2PM have been on hiatus since 2017 starting with member Taecyeon‘s enlistment. Currently, members Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung are enlisted. By 2021, all members excluding Nichkhun who is not subject to enlistment, will be done with their duties and — as fans desire — possibly scope out a comeback.

Watch the performance here:

Source: THEQOO