2PM’s Nichkhun Completely Lost It When GOT7’s BamBam Revealed His Childhood Dream Job

Nichkhun couldn’t hold in his laughter:

Although some K-Pop idols always knew they were going to become stars, others dreamed of very different careers first and in a recent interview with The Standard, 2PM‘s Nichkhun and GOT7‘s BamBam revealed they had originally dreamed of very different jobs as well as the reason behind them. Thanks to that little bit of extra information, however, Nichkhun soon found himself completely losing it!

Image: @bambam1a/Instagram

Nichkhun started off the topic by revealing that he had wanted to be a scientist when he was younger. He explained that he had seen a movie featuring colorful chemical concoctions and thought it looked fun!

As Nichkhun had BamBam cracking up over his colorful chemical explanation, BamBam was about to pay Nichkhun back tenfold. BamBam soon revealed that he had wanted to be an interior designer when he was younger.

While Nichkhun was pretty impressed by BamBam’s choice at first…

The moment BamBam revealed his reason, Nichkhun burst into laughter and couldn’t stop! BamBam’s reason? It was all because he loved designing houses in The Sims game!

As BamBam continued to explain his love of designing houses in the game and how he was much more interested in the homes than designing actual Sims characters, well, Nichkhun was still trying hard to catch his breath!

Eventually, Nichkhun was able to rein in his laughter but only once they’d moved onto the next question! Watch Nichkhun lose it in real-time below: