Here’s a Sneak Peek into Taecyeon’s Military Life as “Captain Korea”

He’s called “Captain Korea” for a reason.

In recent days, the topic of Ok Taecyeon‘s upcoming military discharge has surfaced in various online communities and social media due to how diligently and admirably he served during his time in the military.

Taecyeon had a permanent residency in the States, but he shocked all his fans by giving it up back in 2010 in order to enlist as an active-duty soldier.

He even proved how strong-willed he was to serve in the military when he qualified for alternative service due to a herniated disk but chose to have an operation and apply for a reexamination instead. 

Following the struggles he went through to enlist in the military, he trained that much harder to make it all worthwhile. He even drew quite a bit of attention with how his physique upgraded due to his hard training.

After that, he had the honor of being assigned as a training instructor, and he even attended the Armed Forces Day commemoration event and truly gave it his all in the mission demonstration.

His admirable efforts in the military can clearly be seen in the photos, and it’s no wonder he’s called “Captain Korea” with the attractive looks he’s still flaunting in his military uniform.

“Captain Korea” is scheduled to be discharged on June 3.

Source: Insight