2PM’s Taecyeon Proves That Weight Is Just A Number With How Hot He Looks At 99kg

Well hot, damn.

2PM‘s Taecyeon recently proved that weight really is just a number! During an appearance with his group on Knowing Bros, the veteran idol shared that he had weighed his most during his time in the army. Although he averages about late 60s to early 70s in terms of kilograms on the regular, he had gained around 18kg in the army.

As he spent his days training and eating, he couldn’t help but experience a bulk-up effect. He revealed that he hit 99kg in the army, which was the most he ever weighed in his life! However, fans could hardly believe it when they dug out photos of him as a soldier.

Although he definitely saw more muscles in his thighs and abdomen, his face was as sharp as ever.

Some even argued that he looked better in the army!

We’re just amazed at how his face was as slim as ever.

Many fans were left gasping at how good he looks. At 186cm, he looks just as good with weight on.

  • “Wow he’s like Captain Korea.”
  • “You can’t tell this is 99kg at all.”
  • “Did all the weight go to his thighs?”
  • “It’s probably because it’s all muscle.”

Of course, now that he’s back to idol life, the singer has slimmed down just a little. Hey, as long as he’s happy and healthy, right?


Source: theqoo