These 3 Incredibly Hot Korean Idols Will Leave You Gasping for Air

These three girls are known for their incredible figures and we have the photos to prove it.

Seulgi, Seohyun, and Naeun are incredibly talented idols who spend a great deal of time maintaining their unique and stunning bodies. Though each has a distinct body type, all three are unquestionably gorgeous. Let’s take a look at what makes them so gorgeous.



Seulgi has a slim and fit figure that many people would die for. Most of the Red Velvet members have had notable weight loss or gain but Seulgi seems to have remained in shape since debut. During Russian Roulette, she went viral for her breathtaking body. With long legs, a tiny waist, and adorable face it’s no wonder so many male idols go wild for her.

Seulgi's abs are no joke
Seulgi’s abs are no joke.
Seulgi's waist cinches in creating a subtle hourglass shape
Seulgi’s waist cinches in creating a subtle hourglass shape.
seulgi 5
Look at that seductive and subtle ab line!
Seulgi is not only slim but very toned as well
Seulgi is not only slim but also very toned.
Seulgi's long and lean figure
Seulgi’s long and lean figure.



Naeun maintains an incredible, thin figure that looks almost unnatural. She maintains her body with a lot of squats and a low-sodium diet. Recently, she was  praised for her good body in the “Remember” practice video.

Naeun's tiny waist
Naeun’s tiny waist.
Naeun's long legs
Naeun’s long legs
The sheer gown gives us a teasing glimpse at Naeun’s amazing figure.


Naeun is infamous for rocking athletic leggings
Naeun is famous for rocking athletic leggings to match her athletic body.



Seohyun has been a crowd favorite with a lovely body that even women adore. She works hard to stay in shape, even when it means doing her exercises at home. While all of Girls’ Generation’s members are known for their health-conscious diets and workouts, Seohyun’s shapely figure surely stands above the rest.

Seohyun shows off her mature look and long legs
Seohyun shows off her mature look and long legs.
Seohyun is stunning in this LBD
Seohyun is stunning in this LBD.
Seohyun is slim and soft
Seohyun is slim and soft.
Seohyun shows off her subtle curves in this pose.
Seohyun shows off her subtle curves in this pose.
Seohyun's red dress really shows off her pale features
Seohyun’s red ensemble really shows off her fair skin and flawless body.

These girls not only have amazing bodies but talent and charm as well. Their popularity for their physiques in an industry where almost everyone is in shape is well deserved. Maintaining their figures is just part of the job, but it’s clear that Seohyun, Seulgi, and Naeun go above and beyond showing everyone their best versions of themselves.