3 Male Idols Who Haven’t Aged In 10+ Years, According To Viewers

These senior idols performed at MMTG.

When it comes to growing older, it’s as if some idols stop aging altogether! This is exactly what viewers saw when MMTG’s concert special aired last week.

After the concert aired, viewers couldn’t help but gush over the unchangingly handsome visuals of three specific male idols. Check them out below!


U-KISS’s Kevin and Soohyun reunited to perform their hit song “Am I That Easy”.

Member Kevin in particular surprised viewers with his unchanging visuals.

The years have definitely been good to him because he looks just as handsome as before—if not more!

2. Teen Top

Teen Top’s Niel, Changjo, Ricky, and C.A.P. performed “No More Perfume On You”, one of their most popular songs to date.

After watching the performance, many viewers couldn’t believe how Changjo has hardly changed at all! The way he looks in 2011…

…is extremely similar to how he currently looks in 2020.

3. SS501

Finally, Youngsaeng and Kyujong of SS501 brought back the 2000s with their performance of “U R Man”.

Netizens were shocked to see how Kyujong has hardly aged in years.

Just like in the past, he boasts an irresistibly handsome face and captivating stage presence!

Source: theqoo