3 Reasons That Prove BTS’s Jimin Was Meant To Be An Idol

Jimin was truly born to be an idol!

If you’ve been a long time ARMY, you would know that BTS’s Jimin learned dance at an arts high school. Jimin entered Busan Arts High School at the top of his class with outstanding grades. His talent was known by many people around him as well. Teachers couldn’t leave him alone after knowing that he had come to this school at the top of his class.

Jimin was also known to have always been in the practice room, revealing his sincere passion and hard work toward dance. He began his dream to become a singer after watching Rain’s performance on TV. Teachers were shocked at his announcement to become an idol as they felt that he would have been a legendary dancer in Korea. There were many people that tried to stop him from becoming an idol. But Jimin did not back down and went up to Seoul to fulfill his dreams. Then in June of 2013, he debuted on stage as BTS. The people that tried to stop him from becoming an idol were shocked to see just how amazing he was at being an idol. Here are the reasons why.





Jimin seems to look good in any kind of hairstyle, makeup, and outfit he wears. He’s able to pull of almost any type of concept from pink jumpsuits, polka dot scarves, pink blush, and even a baby hair perm.





Even the most common styling for idols such as ripped jeans, hat, and t-shirt look like it was made for him.





Although not necessary, it is something that idols always prepare for just in case. In this case of talent, we aren’t talking about singing and dancing. We’re talking about the charisma they carry on stage from winking to making cute faces.




Jimin’s signature wink and hand heart is one of his trademarks that he shows quite often on stage.





Even after some crazy dance moves, he’s able to turn around effortlessly and wave to his fans with such swag and finesse.






Overall, an idol should do well on stage, right? Our cute Jimin transforms into a whole different person on stage with his flawless dance moves and amazing energy. It never ceases to shock us as every time we see him perform a super hard dance move with such ease. It truly shows how much he was meant to be an idol.




By putting together talent and idol together, we are able to witness legendary performances on stage.




Do you think Jimin was born to be an idol?



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