“Where Has He Been?” – 3rd-Gen Idol In His 30s Impresses Netizens With His Unchanging Visuals

He hasn’t aged a day!

A member of third-generation boy group B.A.P recently caught the attention of netizens for his handsome and youthful visuals despite being in his 30s.

B.A.P debuted in 2012 with the title track “Warrior.” At the time, all the group members had matching hair colors and dressed similarly.

B.A.P | TS Entertainment

Leader Yongguk often stood out due to his cute and gummy smile and super deep rapping styling. The talented idol also produced many of the group’s songs, making him a true all-rounder!

B.A.P’s Yongguk | TS Entertainment

Yongguk departed from TS Entertainment in 2018 after his contract expired, releasing his album Bangyongguk and a documentary before his military enlistment. While enlisted fans still raved over his visuals, and photographed him at public events.

After completing his service, Yongguk has pushed into his solo career, releasing singles and an EP under his own label, Consent. The singer recently released his second mini album on May 2 under YY Entertainment.

With the album’s release, he has been promoting it in various ways, including radio appearances. After posting a selfie on his Instagram story with a schedule update, netizens couldn’t help but praise his good looks.

| @bangstergram/Instagram

  • He looks like he got younger.
  • Wow, he looks as heart-fluttering as ever.
  • No but why does he look the same? He looks the same as he did in 1004.
  • Huh, he’s the same.
  • Am I the only one aging, oppa?
  • No, how is this possible?
  • Wow he looks the same
  • Excuse me? Why am I the only one getting old?

Yongguk just announced a world tour and will visit cities in Europe and North America later this summer!



Source: intiz
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