Here Are 4 Groups That Were Ripped Off At The 2020 MAMA’s— Netizens Wonder Why They Didn’t Win

They all won first place trophies multiple times 😔

The 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards recently concluded and it’s been making headlines for a multitude of reasons. After watching the show, however, netizens couldn’t help but wonder why these four idol groups didn’t win any awards despite having popularity.

1. (G)I-DLE

Girl group (G)I-DLE released two hit songs this year, “Dumdi Dumdi” and “Oh my god”. Both songs charted incredibly well, winning first place awards on weekly music programs. Netizens wondered why the girl group didn’t win any awards at the 2020 MAMA’s when they had not one, but two hit songs under their belt this year. Frustrated netizens wrote, “seriously, their songs were so good” and “they create random awards for other people…is it because (G)I-DLE is a rookie?”

2. Oh My Girl

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Next up we have another girl group, Oh My Girl. The girl group released their EP, “Nonstop” along with their side track, “Dolphin” earlier this year. Both singles became the group’s highest charting songs to date, dominating music charts for weeks. “Nonstop” also took home multiple first place trophies during their promotions. This confused netizens even more as to why they did not receive any awards at MAMA. They felt that the girls were ripped off, saying things like, “it pisses me off that they didn’t give OMG anything”, “didn’t OMG do amazing this year?” and “what?! OMG didn’t win anything? That makes no sense.”

3. Stray Kids

We have the boys of Stray Kids next up on this baffling list. With the release of their first studio album Go Live and title track “God’s Menu”, the boy group saw success as they won multiple first place trophies. What makes the baffling situation even more confusing is the fact that Stray Kids has been amassing a noticeably large fanbase, increasing their popularity. With this information, netizens assumed that the boy group would win something at the 2020 MAMA’s but were left feeling confused when they saw the boys go home empty handed.


Last but not least is the boy group, THE BOYZ. This year, they released two songs, “The Stealer” and “REVEAL”. “The Stealer” gained popularity, also winning the boy group first place trophies from weekly music programs. While THE BOYZ may have only been in the industry for 3 years, they are quickly gaining a sizable fandom, which perplexed netizens even more on their trophy-less evening. Netizens expressed their annoyances with comments such as, “but your stage was amazing. THE BOYZ hwaiting!”, “what happened to the fake awards they used to hand out randomly” and “no not THE BOYZ”.

Source: theqoo and Instiz