45-Year-Old Japanese Man Goes Viral For Transforming Into A Beautiful Young Woman

Living the best life!

In a society where being your authentic self is still frowned upon, a Japanese man’s brave choice to freely express himself as an Otokonko has won him praise from all across the internet.

The word Otokonko in Japanese refers to men who have culturally feminine gender expression or indulge in cross-dressing. This form of self-expression has become increasingly popular in Japan since the early 2000s, sprouting primarily from anime and manga communities.

Male comedian Yakkun Sakurazuka cross-dressing as a schoolgirl | Wikipedia

Twitter user @nanamikana_arc shocked Japanese netizens after revealing that they are Otokonko with pictures of their past and present appearances. In the first picture, a man in a purple jacket can be seen posing with a child. The second one shows his unbelievable transformation into a young woman. The caption reads, “A 45-year-old man’s past and present.”

The OP (original poster) followed up the initial tweet with some more fascinating details about their physical changes. Over the course of twelve years, they shed over 60 kgs of weight, going from weighing 115 kgs to 54 kgs.

OP also shared that they went from XXL-sized clothing to fitting into M-sized ones, and their pant size went down from a size 40 to size 28. Even their shoe size shrunk, going from 29 to 27 centimeters.

The responses under this Twitter thread are mostly supportive and positive. Many netizens expressed admiration that OP worked hard to chase their happiness and even shut down skepticism about whether OP’s child would be able to accept their self-expression.

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