A 4th Gen K-Pop Group Goes Viral For Adopting A Senior Dog Together

They gave their furry friend a makeover and a new chapter in life. 🥺

A fourth-generation K-Pop group is going viral for adopting a senior dog together, and the story behind how it happened is even more heartwarming.

DKZ’s Jaechan with their dog Dangree

DKZ (formerly known as DONGKIZ) officially debuted in 2019, and after undergoing line-up changes, they became the seven-member group fans know them as today.

(From left to right) DKZ’s Giseok, Kyoungyoon, Sehyeon, Jonghyeong, Mingyu, and Jaechan (member Munik is currently on a health-related hiatus) | @dkz_dy/Instagram

DKZ debuted under a small entertainment company, Dongyo Entertainment, and have worked hard to make a name for themselves as the number of K-Pop groups debuting in a year continues to rise.

In March of this year, the group’s songs peaked on Korean music charts for the first time since their debut after the group earned attention for member Jaechan‘s role in the successful BL drama, Semantic Error.

“Semantic Error” poster | IMDb

The music video for DKZ’s most recent comeback in October, “Uh Heung,” surpassed 10 million views in five days.

As the group increasingly gains fans, their kind personalities also earn attention and praise. Recently, it was for the touching adoption of their dog, Dangree.

| @dkz_dy/Instagram

DKZ has a ghost mascot, Dongree, and last week Dongree’s Instagram account posted an adorable update for fans.

DKZ’s mascot, Dongree the ghost | @dongree_dy/Instagram

Instead of a photo of Dongree the ghost, a new friend was introduced. 

The group introduced their new furry friend, a Maltese dog named Dangree (named after their ghost mascot), and told fans how they fatefully met.

DKZ’s dog, Dangree | @dongree_dy/Instagram

Hello, I’m the new Dongree! I’m around 7-8 years old. I first met Jaechan oppa and Jonghyeong oppa at the Nonsan Animal Shelter when they came to do volunteer work. And now we’re family!
The original Dongree, my guardian angel, is on vacation. So it’s going to be me [on this account] from now on.
DKZ oppas gave me a new life, and we’re going to be happy together forever!

— @dongree_dy/Instagram

In a short span of six days, Dangree has captured the group’s hearts and received a full makeover in her forever home, with stylish clothes for her new life.

It appears Dangree has settled right into the family and has already joined DKZ for a live broadcast.

The animal shelter where the members were volunteering, Nonsan Animal Shelter, reported that DKZ’s company adopted a second dog from the shelter, giving the dogs a new chapter in life.

Fans praise the group for adopting an older dog from the shelter and bringing awareness to pet adoption through their selfless actions.

Fans will surely see a lot more of the adorable Dangree and her enviable wardrobe!

Source: Twitter
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