The 4th Generation Idol Who Brought His School Textbooks To The Airport With Him

He is proof you can work hard and play hard.

K-Pop idols have jam-packed schedules traveling for performances, shooting television shows, and more. If they’re still students, then they also have to balance their studies with their K-Pop work.

TREASURE’s Junghwan is still a student.

TREASURE‘s Junghwan is no exception!ย While waiting for his flight to Jeju in the airport, fans spotted the group’s maknae bringing out several thick textbooks. A 16-year old idol at the time, he still had to attend classes as a 10th grader. He’s currently in 12th grade at the School of Performing Arts Seoul.

He was seen carrying his heavy books around the area. Though he and his hyungs were obviously tired, he showed his commitment to learn.

TREASURE has had almost non-stop schedules since they debuted in August 2020 with “BOY.” During the time of these pictures, they made their Japanese debut, filmed multiple episodes of TREASURE MAP, their reality series, and traveled around Korea for their “Find Your Korea” partnership.

Through it all, Junghwan kept up with his studies including preparing himself for his exams.

Fans couldn’t stop commending him for his perseverance and commitment.

This isn’t the first time he was seen studying while TREASURE was filming. In a previous TREASURE MAP episode, he read a textbook in the middle of the dorm while the cameras were rolling.

The next time you have a hard time at school, imagine Junghwan and make him your inspiration!