5 times idols performed amazing covers of each other’s songs

Watching your favorite K-pop group cover another group’s song is awesome, but having them switch songs and perform them is even better.

It’s every fan’s wish to see certain groups perform other groups’ songs, so when it happens it’s like a Christmas miracle.

1. Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls performing “Tell Me” and “Kissing You”

Fans went crazy when Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls performed each other’s songs. Each group brought their own colors to the performances and you can just feel the fans’ excitement from their fan chants. It’s been eight years since these performances and both groups have gone through member changes, some members have had solos and more. Hopefully, these groups will be able to perform each others’ songs again in the future.

2. f(x) and 4Minute performing “Mirror Mirror” and “Pinocchio”.

Back in 2011, f(x) and 4Minute switched songs for KBS‘ Music Bank. Both groups pulled off the songs well and it’s always fun to see how these concepts work with other groups. Since these performances, f(x) became a four-member group, with Sulli having left in 2015. 4Minute officially disbanded back in June 2016, with only Hyuna continuing her contract with Cube Entertainment.

3. Girl’s Day and Apink performing “No No No” and “Expectation”

Fans were lucky enough to get a special stage at SBS Gayo Daejun back in 2013 with Girl’s Day and Apink performing each others’ songs. Girl’s Day showed off their cute sides while performing “No No No” and Apink fans were gifted with the girls’ finally showing off a sexy concept, even if it wasn’t their own song.

4. TWICE and GFRIEND performing “Me Gustas Tu” and “Like Ooh Ahh”

In early 2016, fans were excited to see TWICE and GFRIEND perform each others’ songs. TWICE killed it at performing GFRIEND’s amazing choreography and GFRIEND brought their own spin to “Ooh Ahh.” Here’s to hoping for more performances like these from both groups in 2017.

5. TWICE and Oh My Girl performing “Windy Day” + “A-ing” and “Like Ooh Ahh” + “Cheer Up”

Making the list twice (no pun intended), TWICE and Oh My Girl finally got to perform each other’s songs on Music Bank’s Year End Special. It’s no secret that the girls of TWICE, especially Nayeon and Jihyo, are fans of Oh My Girl. This also wouldn’t be Oh My Girl’s Seunghee‘s first time performing “Cheer Up.”