5-Year-Old Baby Saved His Mother’s Life With His Dying Breath

His final wish was to save his mother.

This is the story of Chen Xiatian, who was born in the Hubei Province of China. He had a family who adored him, and a childhood filled with love and laughter.


When Chen was 5, his parents noticed him walking differently. Just to be safe, they took him to the hospital to get a checkup.


Upon inspecting Chen, doctors discovered a tumor growing in his brain. The tumor was aggressive, and his family was told that Chen did not have much time to live.


His family was devastated. But sadly, this was not the end of the bad news for the family. Chen’s mom Zhou Lu was diagnosed with a kidney disease just a few months later.


As time passed, both Chen and his mother’s conditions worsened. Chen was nearly paralyzed and was blind in both eyes due to the severity of the tumor. Zhou was on dialysis and required a kidney transplant.


Doctors discovered that Chen’s kidney was a match with Zhou. They suggested that Zhou should take Chen’s kidney because he did not have much time to survive.


Zhou refused. But Chen overheard the conversation and gathered the strength to tell his mom that he wanted to help her before he died.

“I want to save you mommy.” — Chen


Finally, Zhou agreed, stating if her son had to die, she felt some consolation knowing that part of him would live on in her.


Chen died shortly after. He died a hero, saving the lives of his mother and 2 additional people. His other kidney went to a 21-year-old girl, and his liver saved a 27-year-old man.

Source: Dispatch and Daily Mail