56,000+ People Are Part Of This Anti-EXO Group, Here Are Their Rules

This anti-EXO group had more than 56,000 members and was getting larger every day.

An anti-EXO group on Facebook where Indonesian A.R.M.Ys post negative comments and hate messages towards EXO and EXO-Ls was easy to join — before it was reported.

The group had more than 56,000 members and published more than 200 posts everyday. Entry to the group was easy, with just three simple rules to follow.


The first rule of the group is that its purpose is to “eradicate the germs that are EXO and EXO-Ls“.


Rule number two is that members must only discuss BTS.


And finally, “Here, haters are king“.

  • Here are the rules that must be obeyed:
  • – This place is to eradicate germs like EXO and EXOL
  • – Members are only free to discuss BTS
  • – Here, haters are king


Twitter user @exoslyfe got wind of the group and asked EXO-Ls to help report it so it could be removed for its negativity. It was retweeted and reported hundreds of times.

“If you are Indonesian exols and on fb please report this toxic group with 56k members. This group for trashing EXO and exols also harassment. Ofc most of the members are bst fans. And around the world exols if you have fb please report too. Please spread this.” — @sehununivers


Netizens are curious as to why there are so many antis in Indonesia and can’t believe the group has so many members!

  • “Damn how much free time do these people have”
  • “Gross. Can’t believe 56k people went along with it”
  • “All those times wasted and could’ve been used to support their faves u__u”
  • “This is disturbing”
  • “Mob mentality my friends”
  • “Is there like, a strong anti-fan culture in Indonesia? Because all the biggest anti pages for K-Pop groups on twitter seem to be Indonesian bases”
  • “There’s a lot, there are many Exo Line fan-bases acc that often shade BTS, there is dedicated line fan-base for Twice anti too lol”
  • “56k people on that FB page have no lives but to hate a K-Pop group all day. What is wrong with them? Spending all of their lives hating a K-Pop group and making anti-fan forums and groups. I swear K-Pop fans on FB are also just as crazy as their Youtube counterparts”


Indonesians are responding with horror and apologizing to EXO-Ls.

“As an Indonesian this is embarrassing af. And yeah, I’m gonna say the truth that some Indonesians are keyboard warrior, not most of us, but still. I believe most are actually still a student, or someone who isn’t working yet. For some reason they enjoy leaving hate comments for ANY famous people. Fortunately, a keyboard warrior is a keyboard warrior. I don’t think they will ever go as much as terrorizing with blood, etc. They won’t ever have the guts to do anything in RL.”


And Twitter A.R.M.Ys are helping out!


The fandoms coming together to report worked as it seems to have been removed from Facebook!


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