59-Year-Old Woman Turns 30 Again With Plastic Surgery, Baffling Police

She almost got away with it!

A 59-year-old woman in China was reportedly able to reverse aging with astonishing plastic surgery results, a feat grand enough to probably land her a spot on television. If only she weren’t a fugitive on the run.

Image for representational purposes only | Pexel

In 2017, the woman, named Zhu Najuan, was ordered by a court in Wuhan, China, to repay her massive debt, totaling CNY 25 Million Yuan (approximately USD 3.7 Million Dollars) to her creditors. Instead of abiding by the ruling, she took off and changed her face completely to avoid getting caught.

Zhu went into hiding in early 2017, assuming a new identity to accompany her new face. She was finally caught by the local authorities in July of the same year in the southeastern city of Shenzhen.

Image for representational purposes only | Freepik

The police from Wuhan who went to pick her up from Shenzen were left with their jaws hanging when they saw Zhu in her new form. “We were very surprised at the scene,” an official told the local media. He added, “She looked in her thirties and was different from the photos we had.”

During her questioning, Zhu admitted to the investigators that she was using ID documents of other people to purchase train tickets. She even borrowed ATM cards to get by. Her plastic surgery was also reportedly financed by borrowed bank cards.

Zhu was detained by the Wuhan police after her arrest. Meanwhile, it turns out this was only one of the many rampant cases of debt evasion in Wuhan that forced authorities to launch multiple crackdowns on offenders. In 2017 alone, around 186 were detained by the city court for not paying their creditors.