The Male 5th Gen Idol Whose Hair Is So Nice, Netizens Say It Should Be The Standard

He does look magnificent!

Through the years, the hairstyles of male idols have changed with the times. With earlier groups like DBSK, their strange styles have gone down in history…


…where second-generation groups saw a rise in the bowl-cut look…

TEEN TOP’s Niel | TOP Media
SHINee’s Taemin | Mnet

…and the mullet has made a resurgence in recent years.

GOT7’s Jay B
TXT’s Yeonjun

Recently, netizens discussed an idol whose hair is so good it should be the “standard” for all boy groups.

A post on an online forum discussed a particular hairstyle, often known as the comma style. The post included a tweet describing how idols are often styled versus a way they suggested would be more complimentary.

| Intiz

When parting hair, stop parting it straight down the middle and dividing the hair into bulky halves, I beg you. I don’t know the professional term for it, but parting it naturally in various directions adds volume and looks more beautiful…

— Tweet

In the post, the OP included photos of a 5th generation idol whose hairstyle matches the recommended style — ZEROBASEONE‘s Zhang Hao!


While he is not the very first to sport this style, Zhang Hao’s hair compliments his visuals without being too under or overwhelming and has a natural-looking volume and appearance.

The Chinese idol’s hair has not always been styled like this, and while he always looks handsome, the suggested styling he is now sports on occasion does lend to a more ethereal and prince-like look.

Zhang Hao with a more straight part.

Zhang Hao’s current hairstyle is also a variation of the banged look as the same tip about building hair volume is used and looks amazing!

| @zb1official/Instagram

Netizens shared their agreement, complimenting Zhang Hao’s visuals and his hairstyle!