6 Idols Who Look Exactly Like Other Idols When You Look At Them Upside-Down

Fans have discovered that when you turn the pictures of these idols upside down they look uncannily like other idols.

Fans are always playing around with photos of their favorite idols. From photoshopping them into movie posters to making it look like they’re dating each other, fans find endless ways to amuse themselves by manipulating their photos. So, naturally, someone was bound to try flipping the images upside-down, and when they did, they noticed something quite peculiar.

It turns out, when you rotate the pictures of some idols (in some poses) 180˚, they turn into an entirely different idol!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the photos below and see for yourself:

TFW you realize you’re looking at Jungkook, not Taemin.
In this blurry photo of Mark, he seems to look like V when the photo is flipped!
J-Hope is just Jungkook upside-down. My whole life has been a lie!
Chen turns into Chanyeol when turned upside-down. Could they the same person? No wait, that’s crazy.
Turn J-Hope upside-down and, BAM! Kris Wu!
Baekhyun upside-down could definitely be mistaken for Chanyeol.
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