These 6 Monolid Beauties Prove That You Don’t Need Double Eyelids to Be Captivating

They embraced their natural beauty, and it paid off.

It can’t be denied that having big round eyes is the desire of many Korean women. But these days, the all-natural monolid is a popular trend of its own.

Here are 6 monolid beauties who possess charming eyes that don’t need surgery to be captivating:

1. Red Velvet‘s Seulgi

Seulgi, who is known as the cute member of Red Velvet, flaunts big beautiful eyes even though she has never had double eyelid surgery.

Seulgi is also known as the first celebrity of SM Entertainment without double eyelids, and countless fans are said to have fallen for her deer-like eyes.

2. TWICE‘s Dahyun

Dahyun is known to resemble a squirrel in the Korean entertainment world, and she also happens to have monolids. Dahyun has such a cute look, that many women with monolids refer to her for makeup inspiration.

3. Lovelyz‘s Jisoo

Despite the fact that Lovelyz’s Jisoo has monolids, she is known as the visual of the group with her beautiful monolid eyes. You could say her trademark comes from her captivating eyes.

4. Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young is another monolid star who is often picked as the ideal type of many men. Her eyes often remind fans of a puppy, which inevitably makes everyone smile. They also make her look younger, which is one of the things she’s well-known for.

5. Kim Go Eun

When Kim Go Eun first debuted, she quickly became known as the “East Asian Beauty”. Her attractive monolids even captured the hearts of fans abroad. Kim Go Eun once stated, “It’s a strong advantage that I never underwent surgery.

6. Han Hye Jin

The famous model and entertainer, Han Hye Jin might have been one of the first monolid models to take off. Her eyes make her look like a fierce cat when she has a straight face, but when she smiles, she looks like a sweet puppy.

Could this be one of the charms Jun Hyun Moo fell for?

Source: Insight
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