6 Sacrifices YG Artists Must Make to Stay in YG’s “Treasure Box”

“Do you guys work in a monastery?”

Most aspiring idols have dreamt of entering YG Entertainment, which has fostered huge stars such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, WINNER, and BLACKPINK.

So it’s no wonder that countless aspiring idols compete and struggle to enter the renowned agency.

But there’s a saying that goes, “If you obtain one thing, you must sacrifice another.” As such, YG artists are known to be faced with quite a few restrictions.

Here’s a list of 6 restrictions that are said to be in the YG contract:

1. Dating

YG artists have spoken up about a dating ban multiple times on TV broadcast.

Just last year, iKON‘s Bobby confessed on MBC’s Radio Star that in contrast to YG’s family image, there are many rules.

He added that a dating ban is a part of their contract and that he’s not able to date either.

On the same show, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo also said female trainees and male trainees had different meal times.

2. Traveling

On tvN’s New Journey to the West, Kang Seungyoon confessed that the only trip he had ever been on was a school field trip.

He shocked everyone when he said he couldn’t go abroad or on a vacation during his personal time.

He added, “Since we have to miss all of that, we actually feel like we’re falling behind in life.

3. Clubbing

Last year, BLACKPINK was invited to Park Jin Young‘s Party People.

On the show, BLACKPINK expressed their excitement in clubbing for the first time since their debut.

Jennie said, “We broke the alcohol ban and the clubbing ban today. What a legendary day.

4. Driving

WINNER was very excited about their rental car in Australia for tvN’s show, Youth Over Flowers.

That’s because YG artists are not allowed to buy cars or drive them.

Song Mino said, “If we want a car, we have to get special permission from the company.

5. Plastic surgery and tattoos

On Park Jin Young’s Party People, BLACKPINK caught Park Jin Young off guard with a confession.

They said, “Alcohol, cigarettes, clubbing, and dating are forbidden. We can’t get plastic surgery or tattoos either.

6. Drinking and smoking

Last year, BLACKPINK mentioned the 6 bans in the YG contract on MBC’s Radio Star and attracted a lot of attention.

They revealed that drinking, smoking, clubbing, driving, plastic surgery, and dating are forbidden.

When they were asked if they worked in a monastery, Jisoo explained, “If we get the company’s permission, it’s okay.

Source: Insight
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