6 Times Idols Were Caught On Camera Going The Extra Mile For Their Fans

These K-Pop idols go out of their way to interact with and care for their fans whenever they can, even if they technically aren’t supposed to.

Although they are probably drained from endless practices and performances, these idols remembered to think about the fans that made their dreams come true. Even though there are restrictions on how much K-Pop idols can interact with fans, many idols are willing to bend the rules in order to show their love for their fans. Some K-Pop idols have even allowed some lucky fans to touch them!

Here are some cute moments that K-Pop idols have shared with fans!

  1. During the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, a lucky Jungkook fan got noticed by BTS‘s Jungkook himself! While the rest of his members were enjoying the show, Jungkook looked backward and saw that the fan was recording them. He then began to stare intensely at the fan’s camera and stayed like that for a long time. Jungkook maintained eye contact before winking at the camera.

  2. While sitting with other idols during an event, GOT7‘s JB seemed to be more interested in his fans than the event itself. In the video, he could be seen exchanging eye contact and joking around with fans. The staff member who sat next to him noticed this interaction and jokingly whacked JB for flirting with the fans. After being caught several times, JB decided to be sneaky and leaned back in his chair in order to make hearts for the fans behind the staff member’s back. He even had conversations with the fans and told them to make sure to eat a lot. At one point, the staff member noticed what was going on and playfully started to lean back to block JB’s view, only to make JB lean back even further. The staff member soon gave up and JB was free to shoot hearts at fans.

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  3. During one Running Man episode, many idol groups like MONSTA X participated in a chase after a Running Man cast member. Many fans have gathered around the filming site that day. The weather wasn’t very cooperative, however, as it started to rain on the cast, crew, and fans. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, in particular, was really worried about the fans that were in the rain without umbrellas. A video taken by a fan shows Minhyuk asking the girls if they had umbrellas and even offering them his towel to shield them from the rain. Although the person who seemed to be a security guard prevented the idol from getting too close to fans, that didn’t stop Minhyuk from taking care of his fans.
  4. A month ago, 2PM traveled to Australia to film for their own variety show. Some fans that saw the idols took pictures of them and admired them from a distance. In a short video, 2PM member Jun.K was seen noticing a fan looking towards him with a longing look. Having the gut feeling that she wanted a picture but was too shy to ask, Jun.K approached the fan first and took a picture with her. Fans were amazed as it’s not common for an idol to be the one who approaches a fan to take a picture.

  5. Sometimes it’s not the K-Pop idol that does something sweet, but the fans. In this one instance, MAMAMOO‘s Wheein was waving goodbye to fans as the group was starting to leave the venue. One fan called out to Wheein and told her that she dropped something. As Wheein looked down, the fan dropped the punch line and said “Your beauty”. After realizing what happened, Wheein blushed and motioned that they fan really shouldn’t have.

  6. K-Pop idols don’t necessarily only care for their own fans, but sometimes other fandoms as well! During a recent Idol Star Athletics Championship, Apink‘s Eunji was seen talking to ARMYs (BTS fans) that couldn’t go inside the venue due to the lack of space. She first asked what idol group the fans were there for and asked if the fans had eaten yet. When Eunji found out that the organizers told the fans that there was no more space and that they should leave, Eunji was appalled. Apink member Hayoung also showed her support for ARMYs as she told them to be careful and to not catch a cold. The rest of the Apink members came out later on and felt bad that the fans couldn’t go inside and had to wait in the cold. ARMYs spoke up later and said that they were touched by APINK’s caring attitude towards them.

The bond between fans and K-pop idols will remain unbreakable and strong as long as we treat one another with respect and love!