7 Up and Coming Korean Models You Need To Know About

Korean models are in high demand in the fashion world and these up and coming models are becoming hot commodities in their own right. From their long, slender limbs to their exotic facial features, and even innovative poses, these 7 Korean models are ones to keep your eye on! 

1. Han Hyun Min

Source: @h_h_m0519

This half-Korean and half-Nigerian model is ready to take the world by storm. At the surprising age of 16, Han Hyun Min has already been featured in TIME magazine as one of the 30 most influential teens in the world, alongside Elle Fanning and Jaden Smith.

Source: @h_h_m0519

2. O Eun Bi

Source: Tumblr

From clothes to beauty products, and from magazine covers to spreads in high fashion publications, O Eun Bi is working hard to get on top of the world. This up and coming model was even featured in G Soul’s Tequilla M/V.

Source: Tumblr

3. Ellis Ahn

Ellis Ahn was featured on 18 shows during Seoul Fashion Week this year, proving that she is one of the most demanded models in Korea right now. She has now signed with the YG K-Plus Modeling Agency to help launch her international modeling career.

4. Lee Hyun Seok

His long curly hair is tdefinitely Lee Hyun Seok’s trademark look. Not only can he be seen all over Korean billboards, he recently starred in School 2017 as well!

5. Um Ye Jin

Source: @Youmgk

Um Ye Jin is already a veteran model at the age of 17, having debuted as a fashion model in 2014, at the age of 14. Being 179 cm tall and looking gorgeous does not hurt Um Ye Jin’s chance of being a top model in Korea.

Source: @butty0331

6. Lee Hui Soo

Source: Tumblr

Lee Hui Soo walked his first runway at the 2016 Spring/Summer Seoul Fashion Week, and he has never stopped since. Being represented by the prestigious Esteem modeling agency, his career has officially taken off as a high fashion model.

Source: Tumblr

7. Seo Yoo Jin

Seo Yoo Jin has the look of a sweet innocent girl and exhibits maturity at the young age of 17. She’s been on magazine covers, editorial spreads, and has even modeled for commercial products thanks to her versatility.

Source: Insight