Here Are 7 Moments GOT7’s BamBam Was Adorably Excited About His New Duvet Covers

His excitement was infectious!

GOT7’s BamBam recently appeared in a video for Vogue Korea called What’s In My Bag, where he showcased “the biggest bag in the history of MY VOGUE.”

During the video, BamBam revealed that the big bag carried one of his prized possessions: a blanket he has had since he was a trainee!

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, BamBam received a package from the company he bought the blanket from! With some items to open, BamBam decided to film an unboxing video for his fans!

Here is a look at seven moments when BamBam was so adorably excited when opening his new duvet covers!

1. BamBam was so excited seeing the boxes that he just had to hug them!

2. He was so grateful to the company for sending him the products.

3. When he opened the first duvet, his face lit up in excitement!

4. BamBam noticed that, with two duvets, they could be brothers.

5. The look when he realized that the company fell for his April Fool’s joke!


6. Even with new duvets, his original cover will always be special to him.

7. With everything unboxed, BamBam gave fans the world’s cutest video the world’s cutest ending!

Source: BAMBAM Space